Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Serendipitous Things!

I'm recovering today from a little vacation with friends, but I had to pop on quick to wish my blog a happy 2nd birthday!  It has added so much to my life these past few years, and I can't wait to see all the fun stuff it brings me in the future.  

Friday, February 1, 2013

{iPhoneography 365} January

 A few years ago I attended the Creative Connection here in St Paul, and one of the speakers was Becky Higgins.  She was talking about her project life line, and she said something that really made sense to me.  She said that we often times only take pictures of people (which was obviously great), but that we often end up missing all the little everyday seemingly ordinary moments.  

With those words in the back of my mind, I thought that it might be fun to see if I can do a photo a day for the next year.  I am after all constantly taking pictures on my phone.  I'm skeptical that I'll be able to pull it off, but January was pretty easy so you never know.  Anyway, here is my January through the lens of my iPhone.  

January 1st: The aftermath of our New Year's Eve party...we threw some glitter and made it rain.
January 2nd: The start of a new planner...always a good feeling for some reason.  
January 3rd: The adorable owl cookie jar I got from my Mother-In-Law for Christmas, and the super cute canister that marries perfectly with it (found at Target).
January 4th: Bring on the next holiday and let the Valentine crafts begin!
January 5th and 6th:  Sometimes you're pup is so cute that he has to be the subject two days in a row.
January 7th: New year, new hair.  Decided to go a little darker.  
January 8th: Doggert decided that my leg was enough protection to save him from the vet...sadly he was mistaken.
January 9th: My sister and I went shopping at some lovely new jems, and in one there was this very cute rescue dog that was very fond of Katie.  
January 10th: I tested out my sewing skills and made some of these little canvas Valentine bags.  
January 11th: I was having a good hair day...always photo worthy.
January 12th: My sister found some sunglasses that were just made for her...
January 13th: We had some Sunday funday beers with our friends Derek and Alli at our favorite local bar.
January 14th: I cleaned my was long overdue.
January 15th: I gathered up some pretty things for a little impromptu photo shoot. 
January 16th: I went to my sisters for the afternoon and saw her adorable kitty Oliver (who is growing up way to fast).
January 17th: I put my mantel back together (after I took down the Christmas decor) and made a little Valentines banner to spruce it up a bit.  
January 18th: I stopped to grab beer at a nearby liquor store I had never been too, and went back in time.
January 19th: We had a bunch a friends over to eat tacos and watch hockey.
January 20th: We enjoyed some yummy Russian food with our friends Phil and Missy.
January 21st: It was freezing outside!  I think this was the only time I ventured out that day
January 22nd: I mailed out some Valentines to some of my girlfriends and to some of the little ones in my life.
January 23rd: I saw these adorable little creatures on the walls of I Like You.
January 24th: I put some hardware on my cabinets in my, love, love them!
January 25th: I went to Crashed Ice...very fun to see the Cathedral all lit up in blue!
January 26th: I made a DELICIOUS cake for my friend Kristen's birthday...complete with a 30th chalkboard birthday banner.
January 27th: Rain + Ice + Snow = No Fun...but it was pretty.  
January 28th: Not so great roads on the way to say goodbye to my husbands wonderful Grandma Wilma.  Saying she'll be greatly missed is an understatement.
January 29th: Our very dapper nephew getting his juice on.
January 30th: Using my newly downloaded Vine app to send some of my favorite ladies a #bloghug      
January 31st: Flipping through a stack of new magazines.

I  can't wait to see what the next month brings!  

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